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Inviting Bowenians to write a tribute to the Late Mr. Lee Kuan Yew


Mr Lee Kuan Yew, the founding Prime Minister of Singapore passed away peacefully at the Singapore General Hospital on 23 Macrh 2015 at 3.18am.

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A compulsory school-based cyber-wellnessprofiling survey will be conducted for all Sec 1, 2 and 3 students. A parent's acknowledgement letter will be issued on 23 March 2015, Monday. Please return the acknowledgement slip by 25 March 2015. The schedule is shown below.


Attendance is compulsory for all students.
Please note that Sec 1 and 2 students have to report to school early on Wednesday mornings at 7:30am on the specified dates at their respective classrooms.


Cohort Date Time Venue
 Sec 2  25 March 2015, Wednesday  0730 - 0845   Respective classrooms
 Sec 3  26 March 2015, Thursday  1230 - 1330  Respective classrooms
 Sec 1  1 April 2015, Wednesday  0730 - 0845  Respective classrooms
 8 April 2015, Wednesday 0730 - 0845  Lecture Theatre
*Make-up sessions are for students with valid reasons.

CYBER-WELLNESS Workshop for Parents (NEW)

We would like to invite all parents to register for a Cyber-wellness Workshop this April. 

Date: 18 April 2015 (Saturday)
Time: 0900am- 1200pm
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SGC and GCE O/N Certificates Collection - 2014 Sec 4/5 Bowenian Graduates

SGC and GCE O/N Level Certificates are available for collection from the General Office.

Date of collection:  Monday 16 March 2015 onwards (Mondays - Fridays only)
Time of collection:  8 am  to 5 pm
Place of collection:  General Office

Community Youth Leadership School

Bowen is appointed a Community and Youth Leadership (CYL) school under the MCCY-MOE partnership.

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For the Late Mr. Lee Kuan Yew

“As we mourn the passing of a great man, let us take some time to be grateful and thankful that there was such a man who dedicated his life to making the lives of Singaporeans better. Singapore would be much different if not for this man and the generation he led.


Then, let us honour the legacy he has left behind by continuing the work of educating our students to be leaders, learners and champions. Let us work to ensure that successive generations of Singaporeans (particularly those who pass through the gates of Bowen) will continue to live lives for a cause greater than themselves.”

- Mr Bernard Chew, Principal


“For me, Mr Lee is synonymous with Singapore. We can’t think of Singapore without recalling the extraordinary role that he played in Singapore’s history. He showed his deep love for Singapore and its future by fighting against all odds to achieve the great success story that is Singapore today.


He was the dedicated artist who had a powerful dream for Singapore and who worked tirelessly to make it become a reality for generations to come. I feel a deep sense of gratitude to him for giving us a great gift – the success story of Singapore.”

- Ms Sarah Abdullah, Vice-Principal


“We can look further as a nation because we are fortunate to stand on the shoulders of Mr Lee Kwan Yew and his pioneer team. The pioneer generation and his core team cast their lot (the future of the Republic) with him during the turbulent 60s and early 70s. What’s the outcome? It has transformed Singapore from third world to first world within 50 years.


The best way to say thank you, is as a nation, we continue to build on his legacy steadfastly so that Singapore can continue to look further on the shoulders of Giants.”

- Mr Clement Lim, Vice-Principal


A Tribute for  our great leader, Mr Lee Kuan Yew

Remember me Singapore, although from my body my soul will depart
Embrace my vision, and carved my legacy in your heart
Making and building Singapore the way she is, were my dreams fulfilled
Embedded in her womb ; safety, security, prosperity, harmony, opportunities, possibilities
Marking the birth of a 1st class nation ,  never  fear,  we are Singaporeans
Be strongly competitive , be healthy and clean, and  no corruption
Engaging   Singaporeans  to contribute  the best they can 
Remember this, “ I gave up my life to build Singapore” , our country
Iconic:  from a small  red  dot to a giant nation  in  business and economy
Never fear, Singapore will survive.
Given the pressures, the circumstances, the challenges – the tears  came alive


Let us remember this great leader born in 1923
Embarking from where he has depart, leaving us his legacy
Ensuring that Singapore continues to be a safe and harmonious haven for Singaporeans to be.


Knowing this great man is a royal privilege
Unassuming, a great visionary and a leader, we believe. 
Architect and founder of modern Singapore.
Never in fear of odds against him, onwards he would strive to go


Yes indeed, this  is my tribute as a Pioneer Generation,
Even though , in our life’s journey, we had crossed path, only once.
We will miss you Sir, but we will not forget your  sacrifice and your deeds to Singaporeans.


Dr. Alimah Lob


"Dear Mr Lee, It's a blessing for us to have you as the founding father of Singapore. You have devoted your life to building thisnation. Thank you for all that you have done. Do not worry. We will continue on in thespirit of your good works and legacy. RIP."

Lim Pei Ping, Dorothy


Tribute by Students

"Mr Lee, despite the fact that you weren't the
Prime Minister when I was born, I still respected you as the man who
showed the once dark and hopeless Singapore into a first-world metropolis that is now well respected by many. You once wept for the country, now it's our turn to be the ones'
grieving. RIP LKY"

Toh Zheng Feng, 2E2


"Dear Mr.Lee , Hope that you had a wonderful life and we would remember what you have did for us and will always call this peaceful country my home. Thank you for everything you did for us and rest in peace."

Student, 3A4


"Dear Mr Lee, Thank you for that you have done for Singapore.Thank you for the tears that you had shed for Singapore. Without you, there would not beus. Although you have already left us but we are still trying to express ourgratitude to you. We as Singaporeans will continueto keep this nation prosper as you did for us! My condolences to your family and may you Rest In Peace"

Rachael Sin, 3A4